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1,000 Hits Mini Party Review!

First of all thank you to all who came I have respect for all of you! 😉 Second of all, THAT WAS ONE CRAZY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Special Guests didn’t come though 😦 but I still had a bunch of fun! 😀 Thank you to, Freddyp9, Staly Vegas, and Cool Boy 174 for coming!Thank you to Oreo2319 as well!He did not come but he helped get people to come! Here’s some snapshots of the party! 🙂

That one’s funny! 😀

Toot Parade:

Thank you to all who came! I almost hit myself with a snowball! 😀

Comment your opinion or anything else! 😉

P.S.Next party at 2,500 hits! 😉


3 Responses

  1. I went to a Kentucky vs. North Caralina Basketball game then had my own basketball game! Other whys I would have come. Im also a little jealous of you cause you got people to come to your 1,000 hits party and no one came to my 2,000 hits party. But that was a while back.


  2. So what ya think guys! 😉

  3. im the one that says Pingu6199 in the picture. Thats me!

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