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New Member: Frosty8752

Hello everyone! My name is Frosty8752. Another one of my penguin accounts is Lord Zero2 which is my new Main account since I use it for my site and stuff. My site’s URL is http://thecpsquadcheaters.blogspot.com The team and I just got done adding a bunch of new features to the site so be sure to check it out everyday! As for now I will introduce my self to you by telling you a little about myself!

My favorite food is Hamburgers!

My favorite color is Lime Green!

My favorite thing to do online is Club Penguin of course!

My favorite Servers on Club Penguin are Frosty,Cold Snap,and Fjord!

If you ever see me on Club Penguin then add me my two accounts are Lord Zero2 and Frosty8752.

Thank You and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

~Frosty8752/Lord Zero2


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