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New Member: MDude2012

Hi, my name is MDude2012 as you probably already know from the title. I am not really that famous on club penguin but I don’t mind. During my time here at www.cardsfan11.wordpress.com I will be a designer and a author I have already made the header and the banner for this site, and I hope to do more and better things to make this site look as cool as Cardsfan11.
But, I need some of your help to make my penguin look better the thing is I can’t decide what top my penguin should wear, here is what my penguin currently looks like:

And here is three tops, but I can’t decide what top to wear to vote either comment 1,2 or 3 on this post, vote on the poll on the right sidebar, or you could do both. Here are the three options:

Comment, vote or do both.



7 Responses

  1. So Which Ones Your Favorite Comment And Tell Me And You Can Change My Penguins Body Item!

  2. I personally like two 😉

    • Why Did You Get Rid Of the Poll?

  3. How did u get the Astro Barrier shirt?

    • It’s An Old Item On CP

  4. i like 1

  5. I LIKE 2! 😉

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