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Party Review!

E-P-I-C  S-U-C-C-E-S-S!!!! I loved the rocking party you guys gave to me! I recognized a lot of people but only one friend, Cdecker81. He was the one who brought a lot of strangers! LOL and even had them crowd around me! 😀 Excellent feeling! 🙂 I even noticed Spq96 come and add me too! O.O I wish some certains could have could come but it was still a rocking party 🙂 Here’s some snap shots! 🙂 (not that many crowd around me pics but just some pics:

Spq96! 😀

🙂 So that’s it! Kinda crappy pics but who cares!

Now some pics caught by Cdecker81!

Just snapshots of the area that had the party going on 😉

Yours Truly,

Cards 😉

P.S. Thanks for rocking party! 😀


3 Responses

  1. Amazing party guys! Comment and maybe rate! Well, cya! 😉

  2. I got a video of people crowding you! I will take screenshots of it and give you the pics. I don’t feel like waiting for it to download on You Tube LOL 😀

  3. Hey! I visit your site quite often, it would be awesome if you would do the same for me! reply back on my site!

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