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New Mine Update!

Sorry for lateness! Here’s the brand new updates on the mine! They’re very mysterious………..


1. Go to Town or the Plaza and look at bottom left corner:

Of course click it to read what it says!

2.Go ahead and click “Go There!”‘ to go to the Mine!

The first two things you’ll notice is the new miner’s hat and the new cave:

Go ahead and walk on it to get it!

Go ahead and grab it!

You also see the new cave!

2. Go inside!

You may notice the other poster in the dirt! Go ahead and click to read

TIP: Throw snowballs into machine to create light!

As I was saying, do as it says then after doing you will see………

Picture Won’t work 😦 Click here instead then come back to keep reading

Claim your prize!(Amethyst Pin)

Now the rock will move then you can go in!


(Note Aqua Grabber)You may notice the item for sale, click it and:

Now when you’re in the room you’ll notice the underwater passage, go in and:

(Note the background on my right)

Walk on the Background and:

New Log In Screen:

So that’s it! I believe this is all a Aqua grabber mess, i mean in the hidden lake there’s an aqua grabber and cream soda! Could it also be involved with the mission? Probably not, you decide by commenting your opinion! Maybe even rate for fun! 😉

-Cards 😉


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