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Exclusive Information

Hey guys

A few weeks ago, I asked Club Penguin something by email. Here is my email:

Hello Club Penguin Staff,

I would like some information on “Puffles”, please. I have recently been to www.toysrus.com and I found a puffle plush entitled “Brown”, and I have also been hearing about orange puffles. Could I please have some more information about that topic for my blog, www.cardsfan11.wordpress.com.
Also, I would like to know if Card-Jitsu water is really coming up any time soon. Many have been saying it is approaching, and someone actually made a card-jistu water-based video just like the Card Jitsu Fire one. Can you please explain everything for my blog?
Thank you,
And now that they have replied back to this, I have exclusive information! Here is what they said to me:

Thanks for your email, I understand you’re interested in some of the recent puffle myths going around these days.  First of all, there is no brown puffle available at Toys R’ Us.  It was actually a typo on their website, the listing was actually for black puffles.  As for orange puffles, penguins have been searching for them like crazy, but so far have found nothing.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Card-Jitsu Fire is a very popular game, and considering the three part symbol in the Ninja Hideout shows Fire with Water and Snow, it makes sense that Card-Jitsu Water and Card-Jitsu Snow would also be released eventually.  However we have no information to support this, as Sensei has chosen to keep this to himself.  We’ll just have to be patient, the path to becoming an elemental ninja is apparently longer than many of us might have thought.

We hope that you continue to enjoy your time on Club Penguin, and wish you good luck with your blog.  If you have any further questions or any suggestions for Club Penguin please be sure to let us know, we’re always glad to help.

Have a great day!

Pretty awesome, huh? I think this is really cool. We will have to wait and see what happens!
~Hui888, Exclusive Teory Poster

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  1. Great article. There’s a lot of good data here, though I did want to let you know something – I am running Fedora with the circulating beta of Firefox, and the layout of your blog is kind of quirky for me. I can read the articles, but the navigation doesn’t function so good.

  2. Great articles

  3. I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

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