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New Mission Theory – Added On

Alright penguins. The pieces are coming together of the new mission. Or at least what I think will happen. Let’s take a look at my theory from a few days ago:

Herbert got into the Aqua Grabber while none of the penguins were looking. He set off thinking he would go back  to the North Pole where he belongs. But he miscalculates the directions, and crashes into the mine. He fixes the grabber and moves on. Then he crashes again, and he goes on. Soon he finally hits the wall of the Mine, and the rockslide began. Then he keeps trying to get through and creates the pathway between the mine and the dig site. Then Herbert escapes on the Cart Surfer.

Now here is my second belief, describing the Puffle

The puffle on the sneak peek could describe that a puffle joins Herbert on his mission to take over Club Penguin. Then Herbert, Klutzy, and this new puffle devise a plan to take over Club Penguin.

And my third belief, describing the squid

Herbert’s plan to take over Club Penguin is to set out a giant squid to scare the penguins away from the island. He lets the squid go free from a cave underwater and the squid scares the penguins off the island. Then Herbert takes over and gets his Polar Bear friends to come to Club Penguin, or soon to be Club Polar Bear.

Now here is my final belief which has to do with the Dance Club update:

Herbert and his polar bear friends are partying in the night club and it is up to you to shut down the power in the night club and all of club penguin to make Herbert leave. You turn off the power in the Night Club and Herbert goes to party somewhere else. Then you shut down all of Club Penguin’s power and then Herbert abandons the island and all of the penguins come back.

Pretty awesome theory right? This post/information is copyright to www.Cardsfan11.wordpress.com and is only allowed on THIS WEBSITE. Thank you 🙂

~Hui888, Exclusive Theory Poster


One Response

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    It is going to be so much fun! We will be hanging out in the Nightclub and a little of the Dance Lounge to cool ofF our dancing moves! I will be featuring playercards on the site – this time, I’m featuring everybody who stays from beginning to end, entering people into an entry bucket to win some codes, telling jokes, dancing and more! This is one exclusive mini-party you SO don’t want to miss out on

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    Hope YOU can come!

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