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New Books: Club Penguin Poster Book & Heroes Unite

As you know Club Penguin released a new book named The Great Puffle Switch but hold on because there are more books coming! Wanna take a look? Are you sure? Are you sure sure sure? Zuper Sure? Okay! Take a look:

Woo Hoo! The poster book looks awesome and I think thats the one Im going to buy. Take a look at this other books too:

  • Big Book Of Activities – April 15
  • Club Penguin’s Official Guide: Volume 2 – August 19
  • Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite! – August 19
  • Club Penguin Poster Book – July 8
  • Party Time, All The Time! – October 14

Cool huh? I’m sure this new books are going to be pretty cool! So which one is your favorite? Are you planning to buy one of this books when they come out?

MDude2012, http://www.Cardsfan11.wordpress.com author.


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