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Red Club Penguin Hoodie Coming Soon

Recently, Club Penguin released a new book called, “The Great Puffle Switch”. On the cover of this book, A green penguin is playing with his puffle while wearing a Red Hoodie labeled CP in the middle. This Hoodie has been seen before in the color blue, but never in the color red.

With that being said, Many strongly believe that this piece of clothing will be released on Club Penguin in the near future. I was lucky enough to get a hold of exactly what this clothing item will look like in the game, Check it out below:

Pretty Cool, Right? It’s not known if this item will be available in an upcoming Penguin Style catalog or the next Club Penguin Treasure book. I believe that this item will be available on the ‘Exclusives’ page in the Club Penguin Series 7 Treasure book, However, That is not know to be true or false as of right now. More information will be provided when it is available.

MDude2012, http://www.Cardsfan11.wordpress.com author.


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