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Club Penguin Updates

First of all, I’m a bit mad because Club Penguin updated earlier. Therefor I’m just going to make one huge post will all the updates okay penguins? So should we start with the new play or puffle catalog? New Play! Here we go!

The Secrets of the Bamboo Forest:

Okay, Club Penguin updated earlier. This means the new postcards, play, catalog, pin and other things are out! But anyways, the new play really rocks! Take a look at the stage:

Woah! That really rocks! To get the secret background you need to get the golden feather located at the beacon. Once you get the feather go back to the stage and pick up your secret background located on the table.

New Postcards:

Yup, that’s right! Club Penguin released some new postcards! The Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest postcard looks great! Anyways, take a look at this new postcards:

Nice huh? Which is your favorite postcard an why? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment on this post!

Puffle Furniture Cheats:

OMG! I’m so exhausted! I can’t believe Club Penguin added lots of things to the Island! Anyways, the new puffle furniture catalog is finally out! Do you want some cheats? Well you won’t because I’m busy! ROFL

Pretty cool right? The new machine for puffles looks A.W.E.S.O.M.E!! So, which is your favorite item? As I said before mine is the puffle machine thingy! Haha…

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