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Orange Puffle Found On Club Penguin

You may know about the rumors that a orange puffle was comming to club penguin and lots of people thought this was a fake but today i went to the box dimention because lots of people was saying that an orange puffle was there! Well i went there and there was no orange puffle but just as I was going to leave, you’ll never guess what went floating past in one of the boxes a orange puffle! Here is what that puffle looked like:

This is not a fake! I saw it with my very own eyes, its rather goofy don’t you think this might have something to do with its special tallent, it might be able to chew threw lots of materials. What are your views on this? Comment to tell us, we would love to know about all your ideas!

MDude2012, http://www.Cardsfan11.wordpress.com author.


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