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New Puffle Information

The new Puffle Party is in full swing, and lots of penguins are having fun during the Puffle Party! Many of us saw that the Orange Puffle has been spotted in the Box Dimension, and the Ski Lodge Cuckoo clock. They said that they had a picture of an orange puffle from the Series 4 Treasure Book. It is Series 6 now though, I wonder why they put Series 4. Here is a picture below of what the orange puffle looks like:

Now we have confirmed information the the Orange Puffle is guaranteed to come! This puffle looks a little crazy! Also, new Limited Edition Penguins and Mix ‘N Match figures are coming soon! I am assuming these will be for Series 7! Lastly, Club Penguin mentioned to send in picture for Penguins Around the World gallery! You can send in pictures, and they might be featured on ClubPenguin.com. Click here to send in your own pictures.
Cardsfan11 Reminder: Don’t forget the coin code giveaway! Click here for details!

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