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Improvements To The Site

You may have noticed that www.cardsfan11.wordpress.com has been changing a bit lately well that is because there is going to be a lot of graphic improvements to this site I have been working on a new banner, header, widget’s and much more things so we have emptyed the sidebar, so next time you see things back on the sidebar there should be lots of cool graphics. The graphics isn’t the only thing that is being improved all the pages at www.cardsfan11.wordpress.com are changing this is because we want to make this site the best it can be!

Here is a sneak peek of the graphics you can be looking forward to:

I hope to have most of the graphics finished soon and have the site back up and running. We will still be posting though so you can still get the latest club penguin cheats  here!

MDude2012, http://www.Cardsfan11.wordpress.com author.


8 Responses


    • I’m Going To Disney Land Paris Tomorrow So I Won’t Be Posting For A Couple Of Days!

    • Sorry About The Late Notice 😦

      • it’s okay dude 😉

  2. Hey There..
    I’ve got my probably my fifth twitter.. Hackers..! Please follow me for a chance to win a series 6 coin code.. http://twitter.com/ClubPenguinAB . Follow Me =)
    -Ayush, http://twitter.com/ClubPenguinAB

  3. I can make you a designer on my site, if you do one thing. Can you tell me how to put that Who’s Among Us widget on a blog sidebar? Because I typed the code in a text widget but all it comes up with is the html code. Can you help me?

    • Ok Add mdude2012@hotmail.co.uk To Your Site

  4. Great site guys!!I’ll visit here alot

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