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LZ2-New Co-Owner of CF11CP!

Hey everyone! My name,as it said in the title is LZ2. Which is short for Lord Zero2. But,everyone calls me LZ2 for some ‘odd’ reason. Anyway,back to the post. I have recently been given the opportunity to work on CF11CP as a Co-Owner,and I have taken the chance to do so. I am hoping that I can help cards out with graphics for his site,and so much more. Well,I think I’ll tell you guys  a lil’ about myself.

Name:Lord Zero2 [LZ2]

Favorite Things:Blogging,Designing,Coding Themes.

Favorite Servers:Mammoth,FJord,and Sleet.

Favorite Color(s):Blackish Red,Blackish Blue,Greenish Blue.

Favorite Blogging Platform:Blogger

Favorite Food(s):Shrimp [Basically ALL seafood]!

Email(s):LordZero32@gmail.com,LordZero32@Hotmail.com,LordZero2@Consultant.com [My custom and most used email],and LordZero2@Support.com.

I hope you guys enjoy having me here on CF11CP. If ya’ ever need anything,just holla at one of those emails I put above! ;]



One Response

  1. Great to have you here! MDude2012, Cdecker81, Hui888, I’m sorry one of you guys weren’t picked but Lord has helped me out a lot with designs and everything! I’m sorry, anyways, comment what you think of our new member LZ2! He will be working here as the Co-Owner! x)

    ~Cards 😉

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