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New Club Penguin Magazine!

Hey guys! Earlier today I found out about the new Club Penguin Magazine so I just wanted to give you a little look!

Front Cover:

Cool right? Now you may be wondering where I found out about this, well that’s simple! Click here! It’s going to be sold for $9.99 so make sure to save some money 😉 You can use this Pic as long as you give credit to CF11CP 😉

-Cards 😉


3 Responses

  1. So watcha think guys? Are you gonna get it? I personally think it’s not worth $10, but that’s only my opinion, what do YOU think?

  2. That’s cool! $10 is a little much… maybe worth $5. Is it a magazine that comes out every month?

    • Good question, I’m not sure, I mean it barely came out and CP’s been around for 5 years so I’m probably gonna have to say no, it’s probably not monthly.

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