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Under Construction- Come Back Soon!

(Hurray! Cards can actually design something decent now 😐 xD)

Lord Zero2’s Update: Hey guys.  I’m working my hardest,as Cards explained,to get CF11CP Self-Hosted. It will be by the end of this week,that everything should be set up. When everything is finished,and legit,we will close this site,and make a post about our new domain:CF11CPcrew.Com Also,please note that once we are transferred to our new domain,we WILL NOT update this blog. So,make sure you begin to visit the self-hosted one. [: Thanks.

Hey guys! Lord and I were talking and we have decided to Self Host CF11CP! Lord is going to try and do his best! I promise you will have a more…. “pleasant” experience here at CF11CP! When we are finished, here are some things you can look forward to!

  • New design
  • SWF’s such as the newspaper and other catalogs:
  • Much More! 😀

I hope we will be done soon! Comment and rate! Oh and subscribe on right sidebar? x)

-Cards 😉


4 Responses

  1. Hey guys! We’ll be back with all updates soon! The wait should take as long as up to 2-3 weeks, please be patient!

    -Cards 😉

    • Are You Liking The New Sidebars?

      • Yep they’re pretty good! Thanks Dude!

  2. Make Me Admin?

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