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CF11CP-Reborn or Born?-Contest as well

Hey guys, long time no see right? Well now that most people have spare time because of summer vacation, me and Lord_Zero2 shall begin construction,  but now I post 2 questions to you: Is this a comeback for CF11CP or a beginning for CF11CP? I believe #2 is a better statement, I mean, were only in the 6,000s for hits and we’ve been here since October, then again, we had quite an absence, so who knows….. Question #2: Are you up for joining the CF11CP Crew? If so, get ready, we’ll be needing quite a bit of support. 😉 Why the heck am I talking so properly? Ahhhh! The old cards is fading away! *old man yells: WTF are you talking about? you’ve never been good!!!”* Be back in a few days to check in, right now imma kick this dudes butt! >;-) “LET’S GO GRAMPS!!!” O.O *akward moment* before I do this, here’s details:

Details about yourself:

Penguin Name:


Penguin Age:


Have you ever worked for a blog before?

Why do you want to join? (please explain in 4-7 sentences)

Please put an “X” in statements that are true about you:

[ ] I have good grammar, spelling and punctuation

[ ] I have okay grammar, spelling and punctuation

[ ] I have bad grammar, spelling and punctuation

[ ] I proofread all of my posts

[ ] I proofread some of my posts

[ ] I don’t proofread any of my posts

[ ] I am a good designer

[ ] I am an okay designer

[ ] I am a bad designer

[ ] I am an agent on CP

[ ] I am a tour guide on CP

[ ] I am an EPF agent  on CP

[ ] I am a member on CP

[ ] I own a blog or have had experience posting on a blog

[ ] I want to try and help CF11CP

[ ] I just wanna try and get noticed and get famous

[ ] I’m just doing this for the heck of it

May the best person win! Now where’s that old man -_________- Ah ha! There you are! Wait, what the!? Ahhhhhh! He’s gonna hit me with his cane! COMMENT AND RATE!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

New Update: I have chosen to make Longhornn25 our new author, why? He has been another one of my old friends for a few long months. I hope your okay with the decision 😉 Cya! 😀

-Cards 😉


4 Responses

  1. Best of luck peeps! 😉

  2. Im To Lazy to look at all of this.
    I Just Do What you tell me 😛
    BTW, This is Longhorn

  3. I want te be an author okay? I am way to lazy to do all this

  4. If only more people could read this!

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