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Below is www.Cardsfan11.wordpress.com ‘s official banner, 


Here is the HTML code:

<a title=”Cardsfan11″ href=”https://cardsfan11.wordpress.com/”><img title=”Cardsfan11″ src=”https://cardsfan11.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/banner.gif” alt=”” width=”216″ height=”266″ /></a>

Here are the instructions on how to add this banner to a WordPress site: 

1.Copy the code, 

2.Go to the dashboard of your site, 

3.Click on the arrow on the “Appearance” tab on the left side and scroll down until you find the bit that says “Widgets” and click it, 

4.Now click the button to make a text widget and paste the code in the box, 

5.Now go to your site and check out your cool widget. 

Thank you for supporting www.Cardsfan11.wordpress.com

-MDude2012 & Cardsfan 11


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