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Funny Pics

Hey guys! Here’s some new funny pics to laugh at, hope you at least giggle or something! 😀

Is that what I think it is  in the water?


Hehe spying on the women 😉


Is that mud or poo?


Why do they put the window so high that you can’t look out of it :@


I love Family Guy its the best show on TV!

Has Cards joined the NFL?

Cards is one lucky penguin……….

What the? Lord Zero2, your dead -____- You didn’t see anything….

-MDude2012 edited by Cardsfan 11


7 Responses

  1. LOL those pics are funny! xD

  2. Ha ha i like the one at the end!

    P.S: Mdude2012 is my buddy!

    • LOL

  3. Hehe! New pic at end!

  4. Niiice.. take me on a ride, i’ll be waiting in fjord… lol

  5. these are the best 😀

  6. The next time i see Lord -_____-

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