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New Club Penguin Times Issue #241

Hey guys, the new Club Penguin Times is out and I  wanted to show it to you guys, so here it is!

Index of Club Penguin Times

  • A2-A3 Featured Story: Construction
  • A4-A5 Featured Story: Fashion
  • C5-C6 Upcoming Events

Front Page:



Upcoming Events:

That’s all of it! Please comment, rate, and subscribe to CF11CP! See ya later dudes! 😀

-Cards 😉


Reviewed By You!

“Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked about the most difficult problem you’ve solved as an agent and Rosie906 said:

Well, I know this information is classified, but the hardest mission I ever solved was avalanche rescue. I was allowed to skip it though, so I moved onto the next one. Soon I was finished all the missions except that one! I decided to solve it once and for all. I went to the HQ, and solved the mission! It turned out it was easier than I thought! The trick is not to think too deeply. Be remarkable, be reliable, be ready! Good luck agents!

May 26 Blog Image.jpgFrom jackhammering to pizza delivery – we’ve seen lots of you joining in the construction at the Ski Village this week. What are you and your friends doing to help? Let us know!

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We’ll post one (50 – 75 words please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team”

Thank you to the Club Penguin Team for this info! Credit goes to them! Comment and rate!

CF11CP-Reborn or Born?-Contest as well

Hey guys, long time no see right? Well now that most people have spare time because of summer vacation, me and Lord_Zero2 shall begin construction,  but now I post 2 questions to you: Is this a comeback for CF11CP or a beginning for CF11CP? I believe #2 is a better statement, I mean, were only in the 6,000s for hits and we’ve been here since October, then again, we had quite an absence, so who knows….. Question #2: Are you up for joining the CF11CP Crew? If so, get ready, we’ll be needing quite a bit of support. 😉 Why the heck am I talking so properly? Ahhhh! The old cards is fading away! *old man yells: WTF are you talking about? you’ve never been good!!!”* Be back in a few days to check in, right now imma kick this dudes butt! >;-) “LET’S GO GRAMPS!!!” O.O *akward moment* before I do this, here’s details:

Details about yourself:

Penguin Name:


Penguin Age:


Have you ever worked for a blog before?

Why do you want to join? (please explain in 4-7 sentences)

Please put an “X” in statements that are true about you:

[ ] I have good grammar, spelling and punctuation

[ ] I have okay grammar, spelling and punctuation

[ ] I have bad grammar, spelling and punctuation

[ ] I proofread all of my posts

[ ] I proofread some of my posts

[ ] I don’t proofread any of my posts

[ ] I am a good designer

[ ] I am an okay designer

[ ] I am a bad designer

[ ] I am an agent on CP

[ ] I am a tour guide on CP

[ ] I am an EPF agent  on CP

[ ] I am a member on CP

[ ] I own a blog or have had experience posting on a blog

[ ] I want to try and help CF11CP

[ ] I just wanna try and get noticed and get famous

[ ] I’m just doing this for the heck of it

May the best person win! Now where’s that old man -_________- Ah ha! There you are! Wait, what the!? Ahhhhhh! He’s gonna hit me with his cane! COMMENT AND RATE!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

New Update: I have chosen to make Longhornn25 our new author, why? He has been another one of my old friends for a few long months. I hope your okay with the decision 😉 Cya! 😀

-Cards 😉

Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peek

So Billy Bob posted another Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peek and to read it click HERE, but it’s not the post that I am interested in it’s the picture featured in the post which is 8 mini pictures which is like a puzzle see below:

Well I looked at a couple of these pictures and realized that they fitted to together, so I started to make some pictures and this is what I got:

I think it is pretty cool but i’m not sure what some of it is comment and tell me what you think Herbert’s inventions are.


Club Penguin Earth Day Cheats!

Ello there,penguins! As you all have probably heard from all the talk,and controversy around the island about Earth Day. And well,as many of you know as well,Club Penguin has been updating early lately,and,I figured that they’d do it this time as well,so I’m here to bring you the latest cheats around the island. Although we are still under construction,still working everything out and all,I’d like to bring the site a few hits at least,while we are on construction. Anyways,back to Club Penguin business. Sadly,there is only one free item that I know of at the moment,and that item is:

***Still Editing Images!! I will be done soon and post all of them!!***

Under Construction- Come Back Soon!

(Hurray! Cards can actually design something decent now 😐 xD)

Lord Zero2’s Update: Hey guys.  I’m working my hardest,as Cards explained,to get CF11CP Self-Hosted. It will be by the end of this week,that everything should be set up. When everything is finished,and legit,we will close this site,and make a post about our new domain:CF11CPcrew.Com Also,please note that once we are transferred to our new domain,we WILL NOT update this blog. So,make sure you begin to visit the self-hosted one. [: Thanks.

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5,000 Hits Party-Review!

Hey guys! I just really wanna thank Eunes, Pip Dog Tv, Rjk28, and Wardaky for stopping by. Anyways, that party was really fun! Was it an Epic Success like last time? No, but it was success 🙂 Anyways, here’s some pics I caught!

The beginning was really fun! It was empty at first but as soon as I reminded people and got some people to help, it got really fun 🙂

Hehe, it was toot time and trust me, Pip really got into it xD(Doesn’t seem like it but trust me, hehe)

Funny Costume Time! x)

Still rocking it out!……Upside down style! 😉 Then I was shocked when I saw my old friend Markgreen123 show up! 😀

People started to leave and some started to come, but it was still entertaining 😉

I got a little too crowded -.- xD But I felt I like I had accomplished something at that point 🙂

Thanks for a great party guys! It was so great, it lasted an hour! :-O Bye! 😉 Don’t forget to comment and rate!

-Cards 😉